Sponsor a child

There are many children whose aptitude and attitude alone should ideally be enough to take them to heights.

However, despite being desirous and deserving of success, they’re doomed to a life of mediocrity due to lack of financial backing.

But your help can be instrumental in freeing their kite of talent stuck to the tree of their condition and let them sour in the skies beyond.

You can sponsor a child and take responsibility of their education for as long as your resources permit you. Even a drop of help can make a sea of difference to their lives. You can contribute to their uniform, fees, books etc.

The magnitude of your magnanimity matters more than the actual material assistance. Who knows, the child you sponsor may in future matter a lot to many people!

New Children To Be Sponsered

S.No. Name Class School Father Status Mother Status
1 M.Dhana Lakshmi III R.K.S Expired Servant Maid
2 M.Satvik UKG R.K.S Expired Attender
3 K.Pavani III R.K.S Expired Aaya
4 P.Nikitha IV R.K.S Expired Servant Maid
5 P.Anitha IV R.K.S    
6 K.Niranjan II R.K.S Expired House Keeping
7 N.Sailaja V Keerthi Expired Servant Maid
8 Syam Mathews IV Keerthi Expired Servant Maid
9 S.Venkatesh III S.S.S Expired Servant Maid
10 k.Vagdevi LKG S.S.S Expired Servant Maid
11 Koushik I St.Jones No Parents  
12 A.Gayathri LKG V.V.V.V Expired Servant Maid
13 J.Jyothisree V V.V.V.V Parents Left (Grand Parents)  
14 G.Deepika II V.V.V.V Expired Servant Maid
15 R.Pavani I V.V.V.V Expired Servant Maid
16 P.Likitha III S.V.S.C Expired Handicapped
17 Navadeep UKG S.V.S.C Expired Mentally Rtd.
18 K.Madhu Priya II S.V.S.C Expired Servant Maid
19 G.Gouthami II S.V.S.C Expired Servant Maid
20 R.Lavanya II S.V.S.C Expired Servant Maid
21 Sk.Ashana UKG S.V.S.C Expired Servant Maid
22 N.Yasaswini II S.V.S.C Expired Servant Maid